Bridging the Gap

How to create a communication link between the Facility Manager & the C-Suite, reduce risk, & secure the capital needed to run your facility.

What’s the worst part of creating a facility budget? The wasted time? The hoops to jump through? The knowledge that whatever a Facility Manager comes up with will never be approved by the C-Suite? What about knowing the budget is filled with unnecessary expenses so it can be pared down and still cover the essentials?

It feels like a game no one wants to play. The good news is that you don’t have to any more.

Our EBook, Bridging the Gap, will cover the following topics in detail:

  • Fostering communication and trust between the C-Suite and Facility Managers
  • Creating a budget that relies on data and accurately reflects the capital needed
  • Ensuring the budget can be utilized effectively within a year

Those three topics are the core of what can make or break trust between the C-Suite and Facility Managers, and data is at the core of them all.

Impartial data can report the actual capital needed for projects throughout the year. It can also determine whether or not that money can be spent and the planned projects finished. Taking the emotions out of creating a budget leaves you with a trimmed-down plan that is hard to ignore.

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How to Talk With the C-Suite About Budget & Infrastructure Checklist

Download Bridging the Gap and see how real, open collaboration between the C-Suite and Facility Managers can transform your facility budget.

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