How to Talk to the C-Suite About Budget & Infrastructure

Creating a budget that truly works for your facility is an essential component of good facility management, but that’s easier said than done.

A lot of Facility Managers can identify what needs to be repaired or replaced in their building, but have difficulty conveying those needs to the C-Suite.

Spending money on maintaining current infrastructure isn’t sexy. And it’s not something that the C-Suite can show the shareholders or the marketing team can publish. A new MRI machine is important enough to be mentioned on the company website. Maintenance on the HVAC system that serves the MRI suite is not. But that doesn’t mean the infrastructure can be ignored until it’s failing or broken.

Facility Managers know that regular maintenance can extend the useful life of assets, but how can they convey that need to the C-Suite?

It’s not hard. We’ve created the How to Talk to the C-Suite About Budget & Infrastructure Checklist to guide you through the process of evaluating your facility, creating a budget proposal, and presenting it to the C-Suite. It has 5 easy steps that will guarantee success during your next budget cycle.

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How to Talk With the C-Suite About Budget & Infrastructure Checklist

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